Winter golf enthusiasts tend to say that there’s no bad weather, just inadequate equipment and gear. Golfing during cold weather is more than challenging, and the saying above makes total sense. If you are not among the lucky few who enjoy the warm weather all year round, you definitely need winter golf gloves to enjoy the game. 

Having the right pair of gloves for cold weather conditions can drastically change the perspective of your game. Not only do they protect you from the cold and the rain, but they also allow you to have complete control of the golf clubs. To cut a long story short, we have selected the best golf gloves for winter, so read further to find out more.

Winter golf gloves – Review

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

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For over a century, FootJoy has been unsurpassed in making high quality golf gloves. As with many other models, the WinterSof model leads the market of warm golf gloves for cool weather conditions. Those of you who have played golf in cold and wet conditions know that wearing a bad quality winter golf glove can be as tricky as not wearing a golf glove at all.

So, to maximize the grip while keeping the gloves sleek and functional, FootJoy used patented microfiber material called Autosuede that delivers excellent grip in wetter conditions. The back of the glove is a waterproof structured nylon construction and proprietary foam fleece called Weather-Shield that keeps your hands warm even when the temperatures drop very low. The extended weather shield cuff secures the gloves from sliding and keeps the warmth in.

  • Waterproof exterior
  • Secure, anti-slid grip
  • Suede palm
  • Thermal fleece to keep your hands warmer 
  • Sold in pairs

HJ Glove Women’s Winter Performance Golf Glove

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Some of the best women’s golf gloves are indisputably the HJ golf gloves. These gloves stand out with their peculiar style (three different patterns to choose from) and the high quality material used. 

To ensure excellent grip and friction, the palm area of the HJ women’s winter gloves are made of Cabretta leather. It is a very durable, water-resistant material that is extra grippy even when it gets wet. The rest of the glove is made of polyester fleece that retains the warmth and prevents the cold air from penetrating the glove.

For a secure fit, the Terry wrist band and the adjustable loop and hook closure complement the glove and add style and fancy looks. 

  • Excellent grip and friction
  • Water-resistant and wind-resistant
  • Adjustable closure
  • Three colors: black, black zebra, and brown leopard
  • Sold in pairs

Wilson Staff Golf Winter Mittens

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If you are on the market for high-quality winter golf mittens that will protect you from the extreme cold without affecting much of your budget, look out for these Wilson Staff Golf Winter Mittens. These golf mitts designed to protect your hands during freezing days. 

You can wear them during rainy days since the outer shell layer is water-repellent. Plus, the palm area is abrasion-resistant and ensures a secure grip in any conditions. The inside of the glove features microfleece finger lining and finger pockets for optimized fit and security. The gloves also come with zipper pockets for hand warmers and drawstring closure for heat lock-in and adjustability.

  • Water-resistant and wind-resistant
  • Anti-abrasion palm for a sure grip
  • Microfleece finger lining
  • Pockets for hand warmers
  • Excellent value for the money

Zero Restriction Windstopper Winter Gloves

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If you are looking for supreme quality gloves that are thin enough to allow maximum feel, then take a look at these Zero Restriction golf gloves. They are made from high-quality Pittards leather and then are lined with a membrane that provides adequate rain and wind protection.  The material is grippy, particularly when it gets wet, so when swinging with your golf club, it won’t slide off your hand.

The gloves come with a removable ball marker attached next to the Velcro closure. The closure is adjustable and prevents the cold air from penetrating inside. 

  • 100% leather gloves
  • Thin enough for maximum feel
  • Exceptional grip and warm in colder weather
  • Ball marker 
  • Velcro closure

Callaway Thermal Grip Golf Gloves

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Designed by one of the top-tiers in the golf industry, Callaway, these thermal gloves for golfing boast quality and look. Callaway used their Opti Shield technology to optimize the microfiber shell that makes the gloves wind and water repellent. The Opti Therm technology makes the inner fleece lining warmth optimized unlike normal gloves. 

In other words, the thin structure of these cold weather golf gloves allows you feel the clubs, but at the same time, they protect your hands from the cold. The digitized synthetic leather palm makes them extra grippy during wet weather. There’s Velcro closure to ensure the Thermal Grip Glove is a perfect fit.

  • Extra grip during wetter weather
  • Water and wind repellent
  • Thin and warm
  • Available in cadet sizes hence guaranteed of a perfect fit

Nike Cold Weather Winter Gloves

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Nike Cold Weather Winter Gloves boast a thin but warm design, which is exactly what golfers need on the golf course during cold days. The hand’s back is made from a water-resistant, double fleece layer that locks the warmth in. 

The palm area, fingers, and thumb are made of durable synthetic suede, a material known to deliver optimal grip, even when it is wet. The gloves feature a hook-and-loop closure with the Nike logo and a gusseted closure system to ensure maximum fit.

The cool thing about these Nike winter gloves is their touch-enabled index finger that allows you to use your mobile phone without removing them. It is an excellent feature for modern-day golfers.

  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Optimized grip during wet weather
  • Touch screen index finger enabled

HJ Glove Men Winter Performance Golf Glove

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If you are an avid golfer, you don’t put the game on hold and wait for the spring. Some of the winter golf gloves that deliver exceptional insulation are the HJ Glove Men Winter Performance golf gloves. Made from proprietary hermoTex fleece material, the gloves provide excellent warmth from the winter months. 

The palm features WeatherTan Cabretta leather, optimized to deliver superior grip and insulation. The gloves are windproof and water-resistant, and with the fully lined wrist cuff, they allow a complete heat lock. 

  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Cabretta leather palm for a comfortable grip 
  • Flexible 

Bridgestone Golf BarriCold Winter Gloves

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Bridgestone golf gloves offer reliable weather protection with their BarriCold Winter Gloves and a peculiar black and yellow style. These Bridgestone gloves provide optimal protection from the elements, thanks to the stretch nylon and fleece construction. 

The palm area is made of synthetic suede, which is known for its gripping properties. Since these are waterproof to keep your hands dry and ensure excellent performance during wet weather as well. The hook-and-loop closure allows good fit and adjustability.

  • Weatherproof construction
  • Good grip and anti slid performance during wet weather.
  • Stylish

Best winter golf gloves –

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Selecting just one pair of the best winter golf gloves felt a bit awkward, as all the models on the list deliver exceptional protection and performance. However, the FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves do differ in a certain way from the others as they offer a blend of functionality and value.

Since these are winter golf gloves, they boast stretch knit cuffs that are longer and much more protective than others. Thanks to the Weather Shield technology, the gloves provide superior weather protection. Even though the inside has a fleece lining, they aren’t bulky, so you can actually feel your clubs and control them adequately. This also applies to wet conditions as well, as the palm area delivers an excellent grip and friction. 

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What are the best winter golf gloves?

We have already selected the FootJoy WinterSof as the best pair of winter gloves for golfing on our list. However, all the selected winter golf gloves deliver similar protection from winter conditions. When choosing the best golf gloves for inclement weather, make sure you look for the ones that can keep your hands warm, allow a secure fit, and deliver maximum grip even during wet conditions.

You will also want to wear high-quality Winter clothing as well so your entire body is warm during your round.

Can you play golf in the winter with a regular golf glove?

Unless the winter is mild and your golf glove is made of synthetic leather material that is wind resistant and can keep your hands warm, you are good to go with it. A leather palm provides a solid grip in wet conditions so that your golf club doesn’t slide.

However, you will need a pair of winter golf gloves when the temperatures significantly drop as regular golf gloves can’t adequately maintain the body heat and warmth. And although most winter golf gloves are water resistant and warm, they aren’t great as rain gloves.